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The Zones of Regulations – Exploring Emotions

12 Jan App Spotlight | Comments Off on The Zones of Regulations – Exploring Emotions
The Zones of Regulations – Exploring Emotions


The Zones of Regulation Exploring Emotions by Selesoft is a newly released app that helps with emotion and self regulation.  This app is a much needed one and I am excited to share it with you. This is also the second app for this developer; the first goes by the name of Zones of Regulation.

I had the opportunity to let the developer know how much I liked this app and they shared the following information “We really worked to address the short falls off the last app while giving it a fresh look and content.  We will still support the original app, it is not meant to replace it.”  I sure do appreciate a developer that is always working to improve and create new content!

Aligned with the curriculum Zones of Regulation by Leah Kuypers which is published by Social Thinking Publishing , this new app (Zones of Regulation Exploring Emotions) gives student(s) the opportunity to explore, discuss and most importantly become aware of their feelings and reactions using technology which as we know is highly engaging and of  interest to this generation of learners.  Kids spend numerous hours in the schooling environment and this app allows for exploration of situations in the classroom, cafeteria and playground.

Exploring Emotions is presented in an easy to use format that gives both the student and educator a forum for learning and discussion.  The app is easily navigated and allows for revisiting areas of interest or when a student may need some more practice and guidance.




Upon opening the app you will be asked to set up your student.  I found this to be a fun activity and you will want to have your student(s) help with setup.  They will enjoy being able to choose hair, eye, skin color (nice diversity) along with clothing.  As the student makes progress within the app they will be awarded coins that will allow them to ‘shop’ for additional outfits and hairstyles and a mini-basketball game.








Students will be able to identify the Zones of Regulations (blue, green, yellow and red), identify how they are feeling in certain situations and have opportunities to put their new knowledge into immediate practice with the built-in activities.









Two significant areas within the app are MY ZONES and the TOOL BOX.  In the My Zones section the student can create a daily graph that will give them a useful visual of how they are handling situations.  This graph can be completed all at once (at the end of a day) or as they go along throughout the day.  The Tool Box allows for identifying strategies and coping skills that will be helpful during the feelings that are present within each zone.  During the app play the student can collect strategies and also add their own custom ‘tools’.


IMG_3492 IMG_3491













Exploring Emotions is highly recommended for any educator (SLP, SLPA, Teacher, Behaviorist, Psychologist, OT, Counselor) working with students on emotional regulation.  The app is available in the app store, mac app store, google play and amazon.

To download for an IOS device at the App Store

NOTE: New app is the top one on this widget (Zones of Regulation Exploring Emotions). Second one is the original Zones of Regulation app.


What I loved about this app:

  • excellent graphics

  • engaging content

  • interactivity to put new information into practice

  • navigation and ability to revisit areas when needed

  • multiple student set up

  • references back to additional helpful information that is located within the curriculum book

What I would love to see in a future update:  (1/14/15 update is in and the advancement arrows will appear when the voice is turned off – how’s that for a quick response!)

A tweak in the voice on/off setting and page advancement when you turn the voice off.  A minor issue and I definitely would not keep me from downloading!