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Three Top Notch Puzzlers for Stocking Stuffers

09 Dec App Spotlight, Miscellaneous | Comments Off on Three Top Notch Puzzlers for Stocking Stuffers
Three Top Notch Puzzlers for Stocking Stuffers



Recently, three puzzler apps that abound with critical thinking and logic skills have made their way to the app store.  I love all three of these apps and will discuss them in the order that they have been released.

Avokiddo’s Thinkrolls was release a couple of months ago.  A fun critical thinking app in a maze type format.  The app offers both an easy and hard mode as well as the feature for two different players!  Earn the eighteen characters by making your way through the maze and completing the chapters and multiple levels……but be sure you look at the big picture and create your strategy before rolling the cute little guy on his way.  No worries though if you need to try again (which makes it perfect for creating independence and focus skills) because the little arrow at the top lets you begin again without going all the way back to the beginning!


Chip away at the cookie, move the block(s), pop the balloons, move the silver rock and break through walls, bounce your way through the maze,  put out fires with the ice blocks, or time your move with the moving gear.  There are so many levels and characters that this app will keep your child coming back again and again.



The elementary age kids that I work with think this app is awesome!  In fact, they think the app makes them awesome… they work through the challenges.  Just the other day, a student said, “this is awesome!” while playing and then a minute or so later, he said, “I’m awesome, I did it!”,  as he figured his way through the challenge.  What can I say except that Avokiddo’s Awesomeness just keeps creating great apps!


More by Avokiddo

Just a couple weeks ago, Locomotive Labs released Todo Number Matrix.  This app is based off of the mini games in the popular Todo Math app.  Six categories that contain as many as 63 learning opportunities.  Locomotive Labs has done an outstanding job with this new app that targets critical thinking and logic.


Children will love solving these unique puzzles within six categories; Numbers, Logic, Shapes, Addition/Substraction, Multiplication and Fractions.  Visual representations are offered for the simpler levels.  Skills needed for academic foundational concepts will be practiced and mastered with this outstanding app.  This is a must have for ages 4-8!

  • Match color and shape to solve a puzzle

  • match part to whole on the fraction puzzle

  • one car plus one car equals two cars


Created by Locomotive Labs and has a multi-language feature with English, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Simplified Chinese and Spanish.

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Spinlight released Winky Think just yesterday!  This amazing puzzler app will keep you busy for hours solving 180 logic puzzles.  This app is perfect for kids of all ages (and big ones too – I love it).  Enhance your logic, spatial relations, reasoning and motor skills with this one.


One of the best features besides all the content in this app is the multi-touch feature. Yes, that means you can use more than one finger to solve these puzzles…..and believe me you will wish you had extra fingers!


This app is visually pleasing with it’s silver gray background and bright vibrant colors.  This is also a must have for any child’s iPad!  Download Winky think here:

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