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Jump App

25 Oct Notable Developers | Comments Off on Jump App
Jump App

What comes to mind when someone asks what is your favorite color, book, dessert, hobby or app/developer?   The answers will vary for all of us but some my favorite and prized apps are from JUMP APP.  Not only will kids enjoy them but also parents and educators alike will have a blast using these apps along side of their children and students!  The creativity of the Puppet Workshop, Cute Food Kids Cooking, and Imagination Box Apps is like no other and is amazing!  Watch what your child or student will create.  Be careful though they might just get you creating and posting on Jump App’s Facebook page!   JUMP APP’s Kid N’ Play puzzles are loaded with wonderful graphics and features that are engaging and allow even the developmentally delayed to have success and fun!  These apps are among favorites of the students that I work with.  Newest to the line up is Toy Repair Shop.

Jump App’s applications do not contain advertisements or links to social media.  Access to the app store will require the help of an adult because of a coded ‘kid protector’.  Jump App gets my check of approval!


So let’s take a look at these amazing apps!

Toy Repair Workshop

Toy Repair Workshop is a fun colorful app that will engage your child in fixing the broken or wounded toys. Fix the toy with the proper pieces and colors and make a Jump App child smile! Using the wrong pieces or paint color might just make them cry. I like this app for retelling the sequence (first, next, last). The app also lends itself nicely to answer WH questions; What type of tool did you use to fix the tire? Why was the boy sad? Identifying similar pieces for fixing the toy will help also with ‘what doesn’t go together/belong” as the remaining pieces are left in the drawer.



Imagination Box

Use your imagination and create your work of art out of clay. Select from nine vibrant colors; white, yellow, orange, red, purple, blue, green, brown and black in a large variety of shapes, letters and numbers. Ten colorful markers let you decorate and write on your creation. Place your clay shapes onto one of twelve colorful backgrounds or use your personal photo library and choose your own background. Imagination Box gives you all the tools you need to position, enlarge or shrink the pieces to customize your art work! When you are finished take a photo and share with family and friends! Best of all when you are finished playing with the clay you won’t need to wipe up or put all the clay back into the proper containers…..there is no clean up required and you will find your clay fresh to use for the next time you want to play!



KID ‘N’ PLAY Puzzles; Animals and Vehicles

These puzzles offer two levels of play with a four or nine piece puzzle.  Make it easier for your child or student by using the ‘eye’ button to add extra visual support with a shadowed model or quickly display the model and turn it off to work on memory skills.  Car and truck fans will love the vehicle puzzle and animal lovers and future veterinarians will delight in the animal puzzle.  Completion of the puzzles will surprise the user with a reward of floating gears (vehicles) or colored bubbles (animals).





Puppet Workshop

Create the cutest puppets ever using this app.  Choose from a glove or sock; add eyes, mouth, nose and more.  Over 150 items of your choice to use!  Create a background with the 18 choices available or use a photo from your photo library.  This app is a great way to work on following directions (first find some green eyes, next use something for red hair), discussing and describing textures (soft, fuzzy, hard, plastic, wooden) and shapes (circle, square, triangle), and concepts such as bigger or smaller (using the + and – feature).  See what you can create and take picture with the built in camera.  Don’t forget to post a creation on Jump App’s Facebook page…they love to see how the app is being used.  If you are using this in an educational or therapy setting send a picture home via email for some carry over language activities such as retelling or describing.




Cute Food Cooking App

What a wonderful app for many reasons; categorizing fruits and vegetables, discussing tastes, colors and more.  Encourage your little cook to eat healthy with this creative app.  Choose from more than 200 pieces of fruits and vegetables.  Use one of the 20 templates to help you create or create your own.  Do you want a round white plate or maybe a square green one… decide.  And don’t forget to add the final touch with one of sixteen tablecloth choices.  First play with the app and then make a creative fruit or veggie snack with real the real thing.  Save your image and share with friends and family!  This app will have you exclaiming, “Play with your food!”






Little House Decorator

Decorate your choice of four houses (Full version) or try it out with just one house choice (Free version).  I like to use this app in the therapy setting to increase vocabulary of common household items.  It is great to use for categorizing too; decide on a room and put as many items that would go into that type of room (kitchen items).  It’s fun and the user will quickly find out that some items (ie: clock) can belong in multiple rooms.  Pleasing fun music that can be turned on or off.  A built in camera also allows for creating and sharing pictures of the decorated house…this is very useful for carryover from school to home; send a picture home and have your student come back with items that they have in their homes!  Fun app that is simple to use!





My Monsters Puzzle

The newest of the Jump App apps is My Monsters Puzzle.   Put together 30 of the cutest monsters ever!  Chose from four, nine or sixteen piece puzzles.  Extra visual support with a ‘light shadow’ will help the beginner monster maker.  Carnival style music is engaging and can be turned on or off.  Adjust the settings (music, sound effects and app banner) through the parental section.  No in app purchases make this app a top one on my list!