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GIVEAWAY for the Updated Rube Works by Electric Eggplant

GIVEAWAY for the Updated Rube Works by Electric Eggplant

A while back I posted a review of Electric Eggplant’s Rube Works app.  WOW, what a great one.


Well, I am here to tell you that GREAT just got GREATER with the latest update! If you’re reading this then you have the opportunity to win one!  Enter here:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

What’s New in this Version:
• Now includes German and Spanish translation (selectable from the Settings button within the game)



• New Educators Tips section (how to use Rube Works in the classroom)


• Now “Made for Kids” with Parental Gate protecting Internet access
• Can reset game so teachers can let new students start fresh, unlocking their own levels and earning their own achievements
• Now also works on iPod touch 5
• Easier to pick up objects in the game remove hint box from scree
• Tutorial now optional even on the first time playing (but you can still run it after loading Level 1)
• Can turn off iPhone vibration when picking up objects
• Optimized for iPhone 5, 6, 6 plus
• Preview App Videos now on iTunes
• Now published by Electric Eggplant
• Requires iOS 7 or later

Download here:

  1. Emily Wilson03-13-15

    This looks like a great app, my son would love it! I had never heard of Rube Goldberg until my son told me about him several years ago!

  2. Kristen03-13-15

    Looks amazing. Can’t wait to try it with my students.

  3. Sharon03-13-15

    Looks great!

  4. Gwen03-13-15

    I have a few of their apps. This one looks fun!

  5. Pam03-14-15

    I’d love this for my ten year old!!!

  6. Lynne03-15-15

    Have heard of Rube Goldberg, but not seen these apps! This one would be GREAT for my class!

  7. Lisa takefman03-15-15

    I love apps that make kids think. And yes, I have heard of him.

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