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Feed Maxi by Speak Eazy Apps

Feed Maxi by Speak Eazy Apps

Are you looking for an app that targets food vocabulary?  Feed Maxi by Speak Eazy Apps can do just that!


This app has options to identify food items in a field of one, two or three.  The food subcategories consist of vegetables, fruit, protein, grains, and snacks.  The settings allow for targeting some or all of the subcategories during play as well as specific foods within the subcategories.  Up to five children can be supported in this app.


Maxi the Monkey is super cute when he requests the food items.  Students familiar with some simple ASL (more, want and please) will love the sign language that goes along with the audio request!  Choosing the correct item will make Maxi do a little trick to show how happy he is!  The kiddos enjoy when Maxi says “give me five” with an extended palm…..super cute interaction between the user and the monkey!  The app has a nice built in wait time in the event of an incorrect answer and the correct answer will light up providing an additional visual cue.  Maxi also repeats the request offering another verbal cue.  After eight times of offering Maxi some food, a nice review of the food vocabulary is displayed as a reward of popping balloons and the food items are labeled and ‘pop’ into Maxi’s mouth!


A detailed report is also offered for keeping track of specific student data.


Future improvements/suggestions

I would love to see a future update have an option for importing images from a personal library as well as a white background box behind the field of items shown below Maxi (sometimes the items blend in with the background).  At times I felt  the wait time between items displayed was a little long; additional interactive items on the screen might be a nice offering while students are waiting for the next request.

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