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Code Redeeming Etiquette

Code Redeeming Etiquette

Just a reminder to all those that love app promo codes.  Some simple instructions for downloading the creative, fun, educational and life changing apps!

Thanks to all the wonderful bloggers and websites that spend countless hours supporting these developers that provide app code give-aways and reviews of apps.  It takes much time and energy for these sites and pages to organize promotional events where fans can win or grab codes.  Time connecting with developers to receive codes, time to review and get to know the apps they are giving away, creating raffle-copters, time spent on emailing and messaging winners with codes and all of the other “behind the scene tasks.”

Take note of the Code Redeeming Etiquette below:

  • REDEEM the code (they have expiration dates)

  • If you are given a code for an app that you already have, immediately notify the sender to redistribute it

  • Always acknowledge and thank the developer – this can usually be done through a facebook page. Remember to ‘tag’ the page/website from whom you received the code – give some feedback about the app for the developer

  • If given a gift code vs. a promo code then take a moment to give an honest iTunes review for the app you were gifted – developers depend on iTunes reviews

  • Tell friends/families/co-workers about apps that you and your children really like.  Word of mouth goes a long way.

DEVELOPERS/BLOGGERS – be sure to always state which app the code is for – I have seen codes dropped with out clarification of the app name – I am guilty of redeeming a code in this manner just to find out that the code was for an app that I already had and would not have taken it had I known the name of the app.Feel free to leave a comment with other suggestions!

Jackie Bryla



  1. Michelle Anaya01-03-14

    Excellent topic on one of my pet peeves. I hate seeing precious promo codes expire. I realize that people do get busy and things fall thru the cracks so a best practice of mine is to send out reminder posts ex: App code winners, don’t forget to redeem your codes before they fade away. A blogger who won a code of my app on twitter was so grateful when I reminded her that she wrote me a review. Win win!
    I’ll be borrowing these etiquette tips to share & find a way to slip this in at giveaway parties 🙂

  2. Chris Pedersen01-04-14

    Thanks for the great post on an important subject to app developers. Since so many codes do go unused, a fellow developer, Daniel Wieselberg, created a code redeeming site just for us. Transforming the promo code into a clickable link allows:

    1. Easy redemption of the code (e.g. no need to find where to input code on the App Store) by the code holder.
    2. A way for developers to know when the code is redeemed so we can remind the holder of the code to redeem before it expires.

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