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Avokiddo has hit the mark again with an amazing sequel to their orginal THINKROLLS app:

Thinkrolls 2!  Thinkrolls 2 is packed with educational content and continues in the same vein as the original Thinkrolls, but with more fun and new challenges!  Your child will practice thinking and reasoning skills, and use observation, memory and logic to learn about properties of matter, gravity, aerodynamics, physics, electricity, light, and more!  All while playing fun maze games.

Plenty of fun for all with 117 easy (3-5 yrs) and 118 hard (5+) levels. Kids of all ages will be entranced!

IMG_1600 IMG_0238

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  1. Helen Wagner03-25-15

    Wow! This looks great! My students and I love Thinkrolls and I am excited for the release of Thinkrolls 2! Just what my kids love and need for thinking and reasoning skills!

  2. Angela03-25-15

    I love it even more than the first one

  3. lisa takefman03-25-15

    I have so many of their apps…love them all…

  4. Angie Gorz03-25-15

    The first one was amazing. I cannot wait to see what they come up with to see this one. Phenomenal apps come from Avokiddo!

  5. Sharon Sundman-Schultz03-25-15

    I did not see the first one but this one looks very interesting as it focuses on higher learning skills such as problem solving and spatial cognitive skills. They are also exposed to advanced concepts such as force, aerodynamic buoyancy and electricity. The app is aimed at ages 3-9.

  6. Dora Petta03-25-15

    Avokiddo team is amazing as their apps!!!

  7. ageliki_k2503-25-15

    can’t wait for this!!!!1

  8. konstantina03-25-15

    super!!!! i love all of the apps

  9. Donna Lacour03-25-15

    I would love to have ThinkRolls 2 for my students! Avokiddo is the tops among app producers.

  10. Julie03-25-15

    My daughter and my class of Kindergarteners love Thinkrolls! They love problem-solving and I know Thinkrolls 2 won’t disappoint! Love Avokiddo & ACT!

  11. Wassi Chamsy Homeschooling03-26-15

    Would love to get this.

  12. Fides03-26-15

    Our family loved the first one and this one looks even better!

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