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Animal 4D+ Flashcards DIY Flashcard & Edutoys and Octagon Studio

05 Aug App Spotlight, Notable Developers | Comments Off on Animal 4D+ Flashcards DIY Flashcard & Edutoys and Octagon Studio
Animal 4D+ Flashcards DIY Flashcard & Edutoys and Octagon Studio

A couple of weeks ago, I came across a very interesting post on social media.  I love social media for the opportunity to seek out great products and information; of course, you have to make sure you LIKE appropriate educational pages!

I am honored to introduce you to DIY Flashcard & Edutoys.  Along with Octagon Studio they have created a set of animal alphabet cards in 4D!  You have to see it to really experience the beauty of the absolutely breathtaking graphics and the realistic sounds of these animals as they come to life on your device.  I believe this is augmented reality at its best.









  • 26 black and white sketched animal flashcards that come to life (realistic graphics, audio and animation) with augmented reality using the Animal 4D+ app by Octagon Studio Ltd.










  • built-in glossary that describes the animals scientific classification and description with both 2D (black and white sketch) and 3D images (animation and audio) as well as access to additional information on wikipedia


IMG_3072 IMG_3073








  • interact with the animal cards with 90 degree rotation or use the finger pinch gesture to enlarge/decrease the animals size









  •  additional downloadable food cards from Octagon Studio Ltd that provide real interaction with certain animals









  • save images in your personal photo library and ability to share via social media, email, message and a print option


I absolutely love these animal flashcards and interactive food cards.  Not only are they highly interactive, they are educational and fun for all ages.  Teachers will have fun including these while teaching animal habitats and behavior.  Use them for categorizing and answering questions; which animals have fur, four legs, live in similar regions?  Parents will love watching their children explore the animals with augmented reality.  Kids will love them “because they are like live animals and they make real noises!”



The apps are available for download for both Android and IOS.  For purposes of this review I used only the IOS app on an iPad Air.  In addition to the Animal 4D+ flashcards, you can also order the just released Octaland 4D+, flashcards that explore occupations and their environments. Visit DIY Flashcard & Edutoys for purchasing.


About DIY Flashcard & Edutoys

DIY Flashcard & Edutoys is an exciting start-up company based in Singapore continuously promoting a line of educational tools for children in a fun and engaging way possible.
We have been serving our customers for various flashcards (based on Glenn Doman Method) and wooden toys, and we are now promoting new product called Octagon 4D+ Flashcards, where flashcard advances to the new level of innovation with Augmented Reality Technology – creating possibility of live interaction with various animals!

About Octagon Studio

Octagon Studio is a creative IT and multimedia company based in Ireland and Indonesia. We produce numerous 3D animations for engineering and real estate projects as well as visual solutions which are used for everything from navigating complex engineering environments, to feeding a virtual monkey! We specialize in providing high-quality visualization for mobile & wearable devices, and also wide range of Augmented and Virtual Reality Solutions.